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How to Apply for Oman Visa?

Oman is one of the most attractive places for the travelers. The natural sites and the tourist spots of the country welcome thousands of travelers every year. The Oman Online Visa is easy to get in a short period when you are planning to explore the country. There are some simple steps to follow to complete the process. These processes include filling up the application form, providing the essential documents and completing the online payment process. After completing this process you will get the approval mail at your email address. This process is secure and provided by some authentic online platforms.

Why Online Visa for Oman?

The online platform for getting the eVisa for Oman can provide you several benefits. The benefits of Oman Online Visa are described below.

1.The Online Oman Visa application is very easy for the simple design and availability of the application form. You can fill up the application form from your mobile as well from anyplace

2.The online transit Visa for Oman is safe. The authentic platforms for online visa application never reveal your personal information. The money transaction to complete the process through the authentic site is also very safe.

3.You can save your valuable time by completing the process of Oman Visa Online. It can help you to get the fast result and save your time to visit the offices. After submitting the online application form you may get the visa within the shortest period through your email.

4.The application for Online Oman Visa is also available on the mobile phone to allow the user access it from anywhere and anytime. The simple design of the application can also be understood by the users.

Reason To Choose VisaJust


Minimum processing time.

More accessible

Best choice for those living far from Embassies.

Easy application

It's much easier to process application with your mobile phone connected to the internet.


Much easier for registering visa online.
Step 1:
Fill online visa application

Fill Online Application Form

Please fill up your online UAE Visa Application Form and all fields are mandatary.

Step 2:

Pay Online

Make payment through our Secure Payment Gateway System

Step 3:

Upload Your Documents

Please upload your all relative documents and make sure all are verified.

Step 4:
Get Visa

Visa Processing

Your visa is sent for processing.


  • Colored scan copy of passport.
  • Colored photograph.
  • Credit/debit card or Paypal account.
  • Certain nationalities require a copy of a valid visa either of US/UK/Australia/Japan/Schengen Visa.


  • If you are applying for the Oman e-Visa then you must use it to enter Oman within a month of getting approval.
  • The Oman e-Visa gets 1 year validity. You can choose either a multiple or onetime entry visa.
  • The period of stay in Oman depends on your visa for which you have submitted the application..
  • The applicants from Schengen, US, UK, Canada, Japan or Australia need to submit some required documents to get the evisa for Oman. application page and enter your nationality.
  • The applicant should not be from Sultanate of Oman when doing the application for the Business Visa for Oman or Tourist Visa for Oman.
  • Any sponsorship of Oman is not required for the Oman Visa Application Online.
  • The applicant should not be holder of any other type of current Oman visa.
  • The applicant should have a passport for the country with the validity of at least six months from the arrival date in Oman.
  • A valid hotel booking in the Sultanate of Oman and a return ticket are must when one is going to apply for the e-visa for Oman.
  • A fine of 26 USD for each day for overstaying in Oman is charged.
  • A travel visa cannot be converted to a work visa when you are inside the Sultanate of Oman.
  • You will be permitted to enter to Oman with the discretion of the Royal Oman Police officer at the port of entry into the country.


  • 10 days visa single entry.
  • 30 days visa single entry.
  • 1 year visa multiple entry.
  • 28 days visa(for gcc residents).